SEMCO – Social Entrepreneurs for Mediterranean Communities

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SEMCO – Social Entrepreneurs for Mediterranean Communities

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11/10/2014 – 19/10/2014

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DG EAC, Youth in Action – Action 4.3. Training and networking of those active in youth work and youth organisation – Training Course


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    Description of the project

    During the last years the economic crisis has been spread worldwide leading many countries to experience continuous austerity and people to face poor and inequalities. According to the late rate of Eurostat, 23.4% of young people (under 25) in the EU 28 are unemployed, an increasing data compared to the past. At the same time, the crisis has also a strong negative impact in our society as new challenges arise, like increasing social conflicts and integration problems. The

    Training Course brings together 26 youth workers and youth leaders from 14 different countries (Italy, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, UK, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Israel) and aims at encouraging the social entrepreneurship at Euromediterranean level by promoting skills and tools that can help youngsters to turn ideas into concrete actions.


    • Organization of sessions dedicated to the social entrepreneurship to offer both theoretical knowledge and technical instruments.
    • Preparation of the participants to the development of new social entrepreneurship projects.


    • Elaboration of a report containing the good practices emerged during the training course.
    • Development of an online environment to discuss projects and initiatives on the basis of the knowledge and skills obtained.