Sports, health and fUn for preschool childreN

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Sports, health and fUn for preschool childreN

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01/01/2021 – 31/12/2022

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EAC - Education, Youth, Sport and Culture - Erasmus+ Sport Cooperation Partnership


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    The SUN project intends to contribute to raising awareness on the need for physical activity as the basis of healthy lifestyle by changing habits of preschool children, their families and teachers both in urban and rural areas. The objective is including children from an early age into regular sports activities accompanied with indoor and outdoor activities with their parents and workshops on nutrition. Experts trainers will design working programmes for children according to their age and fitness level in order to introduce the children to basic sports like athletic and gymnastic with the aim of boosting their physical, cognitive and academic development and creating healthy habits in young age. The project’s goal is to sensitize preschool children to sport in terms of improving wellbeing and social inclusion, while strengthening the ability of family members and kindergarten teachers to promote the importance of healthy diet and physical activity. The project will also help to create a network of key stakeholders at local, national and European level in order to exchange good practices regarding health-enhancing physical activity for preschool children.


    • Execution of pilot programmes in Croatia, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Regular sports activities for children aged 4-7
    • Regular workshops on sport and nutrition for families
    • Capacity building activities for kindergarten teachers
    • Multiplier Events organised by each partner


    • IO1 Best Practices Research Report: analysis of the current situation in partner countries about the implementation of HEPA recommendations for preschool children. The report will contain an overview of the main national reference regarding HEPA activities in each country, the needs to be met at national level for pre-school children and kindergarten teachers, and a collection of best practices.
    • IO2 Educational Modules: detailed working programme in form of expert lectures, methodology and infographics, adapted to the needs of preschool children, their families and kindergarten teachers.
    • IO3 Guidelines for future activities to promote physical activity and healthy nutrition for preschool children: guidelines for sports clubs, sports organizations, childcare service providers, local authorities, decision makers and general public, based on the results of implemented activities and collected data.