SuperGREENLABELFoods: Harmonization & Certification of “superfoods”

The project

SuperGREENLABELFoods: Harmonization & Certification of “superfoods”

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01/10/2017- 31/08/2019

Funding institution

European Project Co-funded by the Program Erasmus+ - KA2: Strategic Partnership | VET


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    Description of the project

    The SuperGREENLABELFoods project involves six partners from three different countries (Greece, Italy and Spain) and aims at providing innovative methodologies to people directly involved with cultivation, collection, production, packaging and promotion of super-foods, aromatic-medical herbs and forest fruits, in order to enhance their basic professional skills as their ICT skills, through vocational training activities, strengthening their competitiveness on the market together with their products.


    • Scientific desk research on skills and regulation framework of cultivators of super foods and aromatic-medicinal herbs.
    • Statistical analysis about the skills and training capacity of agriculturists and superfoods/ aromatic herbs processors.
    • Identification of ICT skills during the agriculturists professional development.
    • Establishment of common certification policies and production on production, processing and packaging of super foods and / or aromatic herbs.
    • Training activities to improve and certify competences and skills of the target involved by the project.


    • Research on Defining the skills & regulation framework of agriculturists/ cultivators of super-foods & aromatic-medicinal herbs.
    • Guidebook on Fundamental Principles of vertical integration production of super-foods & aromatic-medicinal herbs.
    • Certification practices for agriculturists, producers & processing food industries of super foods & aromatic- medicinal herbs.