YESS – Youth Enterprise Shadowing Schemes

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YESS – Youth Enterprise Shadowing Schemes

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01/04/2018 – 31/03/2020

Funding institution

Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership|Youth


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    Description of the project

    YESS – YOUTH ENTERPRISE SHADOWING SCHEMES – is a 24-months ERASMUS + project (KA2: Strategic Partnership | Youth) designed to support the fight against unemployment among young people and, at the same time, influence their decision as to the career to be followed, by enriching their understanding of the practical sides of entrepreneurship and self-employment, through engaging them in so-called “Enterprise Shadowing Scheme” (E.S.), which in many countries have proven to constitute quite effective educational processes.

    The project is expected to impact significantly on participating organizations, young people, policy makers, local communities, as its major objective is to narrow the existing knowledge gap, provide awareness on key concepts and opportunities and equip young people with the needed tools to pursue successful entrepreneurial activity.


    • Involvement of young people, enterprises, mentors for the assessment of the specified needs of the defined project target groups.
    • Development of enterprise shadowing methodology, design and Preparation of training material, Guides and Briefings for enterprises, young participants and mentors.
    • Design and development of the e-learning platform functions and content.
    • 1 Multiplier Event in each country
    • 15 young people from all partners countries will participate in 5-days of a blended mobility training.


    • Mapping and assessment of national enterprise shadowing practices and reports
      It will be an investigation in all partner countries of previous experience of “Enterprise Shadowing” (ES) schemes, their main characteristics and views by enterprises and future ES participants.
    • Development of Enterprise Shadowing Methodology, Training Materials, Guides and Tools
      to support young people’s employability by providing them supporting tools and structuring a methodology, which will be, implemented transversally during the 2-years-project.
    • Digital Training Content and Customised YESS e-Learning platform
      An open source-learning platform hosted by Moodle will ensure a distance learning for the young people participating in the pilot phase of the Enterprise Shadowing programmes in each YESS partner country, enabling all other users to exploit the materials developed.