APQ – Promotion of RMA workshop

Jul 22, 2013Youth empowerment

lab APQ 21 maggio 7Reciprocal Maieutic Workshops has been taken place for the last months, having as protagonist: young people from Palermo city and rural area, staff members, volunteers and youth workers of CSC Danilo Dolci.

After facing general thematic as Education and Communication, which are on the base of this approach, participants, with the support of facilitator, have decided which other thematic to be discussed/talked about.

Participants felt protagonist of themselves and increase their self esteem, as they could take time to think about important current thematic and think about common social problems/issues. The participation of people from different cultural background, for example immigrants and youth workers working at CSC gave an added value.

For example, the involvement of Adam Robson (protagonist of the project for youth workers YALIM – sub action 4.3 Support to Youth Workers’ Mobility) allowed young participants to get familiar with a different cultural point of view and viceversa this experience was enriching him too. This approach can be transferable in different social context and used with different targets.