Uomini e Profeti (Of Men and Prophets): Sicily, Land of Peace

Mar 5, 2014Archive

Since  his arrival in Sicily in 1952 and until his death in 1997, Danilo Dolci had been carrying out in Sicily his educational approach based on non-violent practices, such as fasting, public denunciations against mafia and patronage system, “strikes in reverse”,  free radio broadcastings, demonstrations and maieutic workshops that involved thousands of people.

What  has remained nowadays of that incredible effort, of that creative force of peace? We talked about it with one of his sons, Amico Dolci, musician and president of Centro per lo sviluppo creativo Danilo Dolci in Palermo.

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UOMINI E PROFETI: Sicilia, terra di pace by Danilo Dolci on Mixcloud