61 years of nonviolent initiatives

Oct 9, 2013Community development

Monday October 14th 2013 – 61 years after the first Danilo Dolci’s revolutionary fasting in Trappeto, the partnership of the project “Borgo di Dio”, funded by Fondazione per il Sud, is glad to invite the whole community to take part to a day of events aiming at remembering Danilo and the activities at the Training Center Borgo di Dio.

During that day, in the framework of the event Months of the arts of Borgo di Dio, particular attention will be paid to the role of Music, a crucial feature of the history of the Training Center, in order to highlight that social and cultural redemption of a territory can also be reached through music and its contribution to the education of citizens.

The activities will start in the morning at the secondary school Danilo Dolci in Trappeto. They will go on in the afternoon at 6 pm, at the conservatory Vincenzo Bellini in Palermo, with interventions by Daniele Ficola, Director of the Conservatory,  Anna Maria Sollima, Teaching History of Music, Amico Dolci, Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci and Francesco Armato, from the magazine Il Palindromo. Listening to some recordings, the profile of the composer  Eliodoro Sollima will be described, a landmark for musicians in Sicily and elsewhere in those years.

The speakers will recall the history of Borgo di Dio focusing on the relationship with many musicians and music institutions since the early ‘50s, when the Borgo was a the seat of music seminars where people could learn to play music at once, with the best Sicilian musicians attending: firs of all Eliodoro Sollima.

The other activities of the event Months of the arts of Borgo di Dio are being planned, for further news please visit the project website: www.borgodidio.it.