Inventing the future at Ballarò

Mar 30, 2012Community development

Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci:“Inventing the future at Ballarò” is a two year-project,  aimed at reducing early school leaving and asserting equal opportunities and social inclusion through a training program which will then provide job opportunities.
The project is designed to train 15 young women (of native and immigrant origin) as childcare assistants through a course on both theoretical and practical levels  that will include training, workshops and a certificate of attendance and acquired competencies.  The young women will then during the second year be integrated into a new multipurpose center in Ballarò offering childcare and parenting services (toy library, kindergarten, after-school and family workshops for example) to residents of the neighborhood.

Program: Fondazione per il Sud

Project duration: 01/06/2008 – 30/06/2010


  • The first step is the creation of a training course in childcare aimed at 15 young women having left school and in a situation of unemployment. The course consists of 400 hours including teaching, workshop activities, and training at the recreation centers and multipurpose centers of the historic neighborhoods of Palermo.
  • In a second phase the young women in question will do internships at the Ubuntu International Culture Center.
  • In a third phase a multipurpose center that provides services to the neighborhood community will be created, offering a recreation center, nurseries and parenting workshops, where the young women having completed the training course will be offered job opportunities as interns.


  • Project coordinator: CE.S.I.E
  • Ubuntu
  • Centro per lo sviluppo creativo “Danilo Dolci”
  • Euroform.

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