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Apr 7, 2014Cultural heritage promotion

slowmed logo rasterIn the end of 2013 Mediterranean Diet has been included by UNESCO in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Council of Europe has recognized its key role as a means for fostering tolerance and cultural diversity. At present preserving Mediterranean Diet is an important aspect for preventing variety, health and biodiversity from being harmed by increasing globalization. Therefore SlowMed project aims at promoting intercultural dialogue and at strengthening Mediterranean cultural identity on the basis of its common culinary heritage. SlowMed intends to stimulate a full recognition of food as a means to enhance dialogue between peoples and to build a different Mediterranean cultural identity.

Considering food as a “work of art”, the project will also involve a wide variety of artists coming from different Mediterranean regions, by testing new forms of expression of culinary heritage: cooking competitions and workshops addressed to children will spread SlowMed message amongst the main target groups of Mediterranean society.


ENPI CBCMED (Cross-border cooperation in the Mediterranean)

Durata del progetto

01/01/2014 – 31/12/2015


  • To foster the preservation of Mediterranean cultural heritage
  • To promote the recognition of food as a form of cultural and artistic expression
  • To support creativity and artistic expression of culinary heritage in the Mediterranean area
  • To develop networks by encouraging mutual influence
  • To promote alimentary education based on Mediterranean culinary heritage


  • Creation of 6 local working groups composed of 10 people (2 professional chefs, 2 amateur chefs, 2 film-makers, 2 scene directors, 1 nutritionist, 2 experts in food communication), supported by 2 members from the local organization staff (1 local working group coordinator, 1 chefs coordinator) that will travel for three months in their region of origin to carry out researches concerning Mediterranean Diet and local traditions.
  • International 4-day workshop in Egypt addressed to all the local working groups.
  • Preparation of a SlowMed work plan, competitions and events included. Each event should feature 1 cooking show, 1 cooking workshop, 1 seminar on Mediterranean diet, 1 concert and 1 educational workshop on nutrition.
  • Creation of a Euro-Mediterranean documentary: “4 Culinary seasons of Mediterranean diet”.
  • Publication of a book of recipes for children and information and awareness seminars in schools.


  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Egypt)
  • Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts – ARCPA (Lebanon)
  • Mediterranean Diet Foundation – FDM (Spain)
  • In Loco Association (Portugal)
  • CCIAZ – Chamber of Commerce of Industry and agriculture of Zahle and Bekaa (Lebanon)
  • Battir Landscaspe Ecomuseum (Palestine)
  • Dipartimento Salute della Regione Siciliana (Italy)


• Total Budget: € 1.054.599

• Programme Financial Contribution: € 949.139 (90%)

• Co-fundings: € 105.460 (10%)


Alberto Biondo

Project coordinator

+ 39 09161 77252