SUSTAIN Local Seminar Approbation with the teachers

May 9, 2013Education and Training

III Workshop locale del progetto SUSTAIN (5)On Tuesday, April 30 2013, at III Circolo Didattico “Maggiore Guida” of Partinico (Palermo, Italy), the Local Seminar entitled “Approbation with the teachers” was presented in the framework of Comenius SUSTAIN project. This workshop was organized by Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”, partner of the project. The event was attended by 30 teachers from pre-primary and primary schools of Partinico.

The CSC SUSTAIN’s team presented to the participants the website of the project, and its contents. The presentation concerned also the process of registration of new users for accessing the project Database containing the Lesson Plans based on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). These lesson plans were produced by teachers of the partner countries, in order to share them with other countries’ colleagues and to be tested in the different educational contexts.

During the meeting, the teachers, led by the staff of CSC, were involved in the guided reading and assessment of didactic proposals developed by their Bulgarian, Romanian and Turkish colleagues within the SUSTAIN project. The goals of the meeting were analyzing together the quality of the Lesson plans, evaluating their adaptability in the local context and suggesting possible changes or new adjustments, taking into account everyone’s experiences.

One of the main objectives of SUSTAIN project, indeed, is providing the teachers with educational tools and methods, to support ESD in school contexts. The final stage of the project concerns the selection of 50 good practices chosen among the several lesson plans developed by the teachers of the various countries. These 50 good practices will be available on the SUSTAIN website. This will allow teachers, educators and anyone interested to use the outcomes of the project in the course of time.