Danish connection in Vejle & Together for Human Rights, final meeting

Jun 5, 2012Education and Training

It was held in Vejle, in the traditional heart of Denmark, the final meeting of the Grundtvig learning partnership “Together for Human Rights” a project that involved 5 organizations coming from 5 different European countries ( U.K., Germany, Slovakia, Italy and Denmark).

The project aims to valorize and to improve the education of human rights in the educational paths of different European countries. In Vejle we have the chance to meet the Danish partner organization, VIFIN, who is working in connection with a language center for foreigners. The methodology and the attitude of the center has been very inspiring for us: many are the foreigners who comes from war countries, or from a open dictatorship. For them not only the language is new, the concept of freedom of speech or religion, or democracy are new. The language lessons then are the bridge to reach this values, understand them and brand them as own; of course it’s not a easy path but the outcomes we could see in the center are amazing.

During two years meeting the 5 organizations exchanged and shared knowledge, experiences, good practices and methodologies in order to improve their work at a local level. In the beginning the work was hard because the field is wide, and the points of view are different. However  the partnership made possible the creation of a final product, the “ten point catalogue” for human rights education. The tool will be very useful for who care about education, in its deepest meaning.

The “ten point catalogue” on the 20th of April was launched together with a conference of Amnesty International.

CsC  partners organization of “Together for Human rights” are Inteval (U.K.), Vifin ( Dk), Slovak refugee council (Sk), VNB (De) .