Students of the institute Paolo Borsellino protagonist of Cambio Rotta

May 27, 2016Employment and Employability

Gli studenti dell’Istituto Paolo Borsellino protagonisti di Cambio RottaCambio Rotta has hosted students of the Professional Institute for Hotel Services and Catering “Paolo Borsellino”. Through Reciprocal Maieutic Approach and Creative Thinking, the girls and the boys of 2D and 3AC classes have experienced active listening, collaboration and integration, at the International School of the Mediterranean cuisine, created by the project.

On May 16, students of the Institute, together with the Afghan Chef Shapoor Safari, have made the Afghan dish “Dopiaza” with meat, accompanied by basmati rice. Like a big family, beyond cultural barriers, the students were led by the emotions tied to the kitchen and to stay nicely together. The group harmony has entailed that the workshop has been carried out with serenity and satisfaction.

On May 17, however, the students have created plates on their invention, with the support of Chef Calogero Branca: they put into practice the principles and values of teamwork. Organized in small groups, the students collaborated on different dishes, depending on the availability of the ingredients assigned to each team. Some of the dishes prepared are “Spaghetti trafilati al bronzo”, “Paccheri with seafood and tomatos”, “Black pig fillet with zucchini cream and potato”, “Rice with champignon mushrooms and Caprino Giurgintano cheese” and many others. This activity, presented as a game, enhanced integration and transversal skills of professional cooks.

Thanks to  Consorzio Ulisse and Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”, with the support of Fondazione con il Sud, the Professional Institute “Paolo Borsellino” has been involved in the activity of the project Cambio Rotta.

Istituto Paolo Borsellino - Sez. 2D

Istituto Paolo Borsellino - Sez. 3AC

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