Mar 16, 2015Employment and Employability

San Sebastian_EPIC The EPIC project 5th partnership meeting was held from the 12th to the 14th of March 2015 in San Sebastian (Basque Countries). During the meeting partners discussed the WP7 that is taking place in all partner countries of the project and which foresees the implementation of 20 audits by the 10 students who participated in the LCA training course (Language Communication Audit).

UK partner Semantica Ltd. also presented the future phases of the project, paving the way to the presentation of a follow up to EPIC under the Erasmus + programme. The second phase of EPIC is about the creation of an on-line platform for audits and e-tools for companies and auditors.

The next meeting of the EPIC project will take place at the beginning of July 2015 in Palermo, Italy.