The Cambio Rotta kitchen is a cornerstone for the integretion among people

May 27, 2016News

The workshop on the International Cuisine of the Mediterranean has been realised on May 11, thanks to the project Cambio Rotta supported by Consorzio Ulisse and Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” and supported by the Fondazione con il Sud.

Shapoor Safari, the Chef of Afghan origin who led the workshop, met with  participants from different countries, who accompanied him in the preparation of Kabuli Palaw, a wealthy Afghan dish, which expresses its distinctive trait in the contrast between the sweet and the salt of its ingredients.

The novelty of the workshop, which involved all participants in practice, get exited both those who have never had experience in the kitchen and those who, for business or passion, had already familiarity or professionalism in cooking.

This workshop will be followed by others workshops, including within the project activities of Cambio Rotta, which aims at enhancing the integration between Mediterranean cuisine and the culinary traditions of the world’s countries and their peoples.

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