The Launch of (IN)school: Development of sensory, cognitive, social and emotional skills for educational success

Dec 5, 2018News

Studies show that psycho-educational programmes that articulate activities of sensory and cognitive-emotional stimulation are fundamental to children’s educational success and their adaption to the school environment as these are the skills that are essential for learning how to read, write and calculate.

What kind of psycho-educational programme is good for a child? And what should teachers know or do in order to help the child to develop to its fill potential, as well as detect problems at an early age? What kind of didactics and resources can help to develop these skills?

These are questions raised and answered by 4

The first transnational meeting took place in Braga, Portugal, from 29-30th of November 2018. The meeting was hosted and organized by the coordinator of the project Casa do Professor.

During the meeting in Braga, all partners had the chance to go through major points of the project, both technical and administrative, and to focus on the first step of the project. This is an interactive platform which contains different assessment tools and consequent psychological profiles and activities, led by the research team of the Psychology Associations of Minho University.

Furthermore, the meeting gave the opportunities to get to know better the people and organisations of the Portuguese partners and see more of Braga. In two days, partners have visited the schools of Maximinos, the University of Minho and the factory of AMBAR passion.

The (IN)School project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme KA2, Strategic Partnership in the field of School.

It will last three years, and will be implemented through various activities, including the platform, a curriculum with activities for each profile, didactic-pedagogical materials and activities, a benchmark for teacher training, and a psychical psycho-educational centre in one the schools of the partner Agrupamento de Escolas de Maximinos.

The next meeting of the project will take place in Athens (Greece) in the last week of July 2019, where the development of the platform will be discussed.

(IN)School: Developing skills for life is cofunded by Erasmus+ KA2 programme.

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