Passion for learning: second transnational meeting in Poland

Nov 10, 2021News

On 26th and 27th October 2021 the partners of the Passion ESL project met in Lodz, Poland, for the second Transnational Project Meeting.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the partnership have only met online in recent months, so this was an opportunity for finally meet each other in person.

During the meeting the activities implemented so far were discussed and the next steps towards the realization of a manual for teachers containing activities to combat early school leaving were established.

In fact, in the past months, educational activities aimed at preventing early school leaving have been implemented in 4 schools in Italy, Romania, Turkey and Poland. The methodologies used concern expressive therapy, emotion management, game therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and others, with the aim of improving learning performance and correcting the behaviors of 125 pupils at risk of early school leaving and supporting the introduction and the effective use of digital technology.

During the second transnational meeting the activities carried out with pupils, who addressed different topics, were discussed, and the next steps were established to increase their socio-emotional skills and their intercultural, social and civic competences.

The project partners will therefore be engaged in the coming months in the creation of a manual for teachers containing therapeutic education activities for the inclusion of students at risk of early school leaving, and of an e-learning platform containing interactive therapeutic educational resources. The platform will contain courses for teachers and pupils, to respond in an innovative way to the identified needs and transfer practices outside the project partnership.

Finally, the meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the upcoming mobilities that will involve some students in each country, and to reflect on the issues that will be addressed during the next meeting between partners to be held in November 2021 in Turkey, during which training activities will be carried out for the teachers of the four participating schools.

Passion ESL – Passion for Learning is co-funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission (Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships for School Education) and aims to create an integrated and innovative educational approach that will improve both teaching and learning performance and the inclusion of pupils at risk of early school leaving, through the use of therapeutic methods and IT tools.


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