PRACTICE: Discover the online training programme for developing critical thinking

Feb 8, 2021News

The PRACTICE Open Educational Resource for Preventing Radicalism through Critical Thinking’s teaching is online!

The consortium of the PRACTICE project, coordinated by the Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci has developed a rich online set of open resources, easily accessible and freely available within the for all teachers, educators, professionals in the field of education or people simply interested in improving critical thinking competences.

Last 18th December 2020, the PRACTICE programme has been officially lunched online through and online open event with the title “Communication, education, critical thinking and non-violence: from Danilo Dolci to PRACTICE project”.

Amico Dolci has participated to the event, retracing the history of Danilo Dolci and of the Center from its beginnings, from the tireless work done over the years to defuse the relationships of dominance and violence that characterize social relations, outside and inside the classrooms, through an educational model based on open communication, listening starting from asking questions, stimulating empathic relationships and creative reasoning, going beyond stereotypes and allowing to read reality in a critical way.

Continuing on this path and promoting new methods and tools that can broaden the horizons of knowledge of teachers and students, the training program of PRACTICE aims to:

  • Address effectively controversial issues challenging pupils’ misinformed views, false myth and perceptions and stimulating understanding and appreciation of diversities;
  • Foster freedom of speech through pupil participation ensuring a safe environment for them;
  • Promote the values of democracy, active citizenship, pluralistic society, open communication and open mindedness.

The PRACTICE training program is developed in two parts: one aimed purely at teacher training, with in-depth materials on various topics related to the development of critical thinking in its various aspects, with methods and strategies to improve educational approaches used in the classroom; another one with a catalogue of non-formal activities on various topical issues and practical methods to stimulate dialogue and open-mindedness of students.


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PRACTICE – PREVENTING RADICALISM THROUGH CRITICAL THINKING COMPETENCES is co-funded by Erasmus+ programme – KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for school education.