Inclusion, integration and participation of young people: PRIORITY just started

Apr 4, 2019News

On the 28th and 29th of March 2019, the PRIORITY (Promoting Open Resilient Inclusive socieTIes for Youth) project started with a kick-off meeting in Dresden.

The project aims to promote the inclusion, integration and active participation of disadvantaged young people. This is done by organizing cultural, sports, artistic and educational activities that raise young people’s awareness in; Social values, European citizenship and Civic engagement, volunteering and human rights.

The project aims at preventing radicalization and combating acts of extreme violence through a process of integration and social inclusion.

The Kick-off meeting was hosted by the German partner, coordinator Jugend-&Kulturproject . He started the meeting by opening a platform to an interesting exchange of information and knowledge about the experiences of each partner, to know more about the identity and aims of each association.

During the meeting, each partner discussed and analyzed the main themes of the project. This also gave an opportunity to narrate the social and migratory situation of each represented country to enable everyone to better understand the context, the target and the development that the project may have at the local and national level in each of their countries.

The meeting also paved way to reflections on the best ways to implement the different activities planned that would allow developing the following products;

  • PRIORITY Methodology and Toolkit: A methodological guide and a collection of tools, activities and good practices of youth inclusion through sport, culture and art.
  • PRIORITY Hubs online and on site: A Multisectoral community space based on the “Whole Community Approach” which will act as an environment for youth inclusion with sports, intercultural and heritage related activities.
  • E-book “HOW TO PRIORITIZE”: A manual on how to build, manage and support the PRIORITY Hubs.
  • E-learning platform: A platform with two courses “How to become a PRIORITY Superhero” CSC Danilo Dolci aimed at youth workers and educators) and Priority Young Mediator (designed for young migrants and refugees).

The next step is the implementation of three Capacity Building Activities in three different cities of the partnership for youth workers, teachers and sports educators in order to strengthen their skills in the prevention of youth marginalization and learn social inclusion strategies. The first meeting will take place in Larissa, Greece, from the 25th to 29th of June 2019.

PRIORITY is a project funded by Erasmus + – KA3: Social inclusion through education, training and youth and has a duration of 3 years (31/01/2019 – 30/01/2022).


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