Teaching The Future: environmental education as a powerful tool against climate change

Mar 25, 2022News

How to respond to young people’s need to understand and give the right importance to the climate crisis? Teaching The Future seeks to address the needs of students and teachers by analysing the state of the art of environmental education related subjects and providing tools and resources for teaching these topics.

During the first meeting, which took place in Palermo on 4 March 2022, the partners planned the first activities. In the coming months, focus groups will be held with teachers to listen to their point of view and a clear map of the state of environmental education in the countries involved in the project will be created.

Project updates will be available on the website https://teachingthefuture.eu/ or by following the dedicated Facebook page.

TTF – Teaching the Future is cofinanced by Erasmus+ programme, Cooperation Partnership in school education.


For further information contact Lisa Avarello at lisa.avarello@danilodolci.org, visit the website https://teachingthefuture.eu/ and follow us on Facebook.