TTF – Teaching the future

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TTF – Teaching the future

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01/01/2022 – 01/01/2024

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Erasmus + Cooperation Partnership in school education


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    Description of the project

    The project “TTF – Teaching the Future” seeks to respond to the need of giving the right importance to the climate crisis, especially addressing the needs of youths, eager to do more and angry that action is still not being taken against the issue.

    The project intends to address these needs by enabling easy access to scientific data and climate information sources through a climate data dashboard. By creating teacher training it will also address the approaches necessary for young people to work with high quality scientific data and reliable information sources on the challenges being faced. It also seeks to promote an active citizenship approach that will engage youngsters in active engagement in their local areas using the enquiry-based approaches of citizen scientists to examine and address climate issues.

    Following the ambition of embedding climate change & environmental education in secondary school education and in teacher training, the project pursues the following objectives:

    • to assess the situation (curriculum) and needs (approaches and resources) in schools looking to integrate climate education in their teaching;
    • to provide teachers with access to quality online climate information resources and training enabling them to effectively teach about climate education to their students;
    • to stimulate students’ and teachers’ engagement in climate issues, using scientific data and innovative educational approaches;
    • to promote interdisciplinary learning and digital skills among young people, raising their interest in science and technology, stimulating their active citizenship in local areas and thereby encouraging responsibility for their actions and behavioral change.


    • Teaching and learning approaches for climate education will be identified and developed. Interviews with climate scientists will help partners identify key messages and important resources/tools for teaching.
    • A climate education data dashboard will be produced that brings the most useful open data, visualizations and examples to classes, with relevant information and news on actions being taken.
    • Creating a teacher training course to support and enable innovative approaches to climate education, tested in schools.
    • Finalizing the results, gathering examples of teaching activities and learning outcomes which will then be presenting through Storymaps for use to assist widespread promotion of the project.


    • Analysis of curriculum across partners and the potential for teaching the future, climate education and using open data.
    • An online climate data dashboard, as a teaching resource targeted at teachers.
    • An online teacher training course, focused on teaching about climate change and including suggestions on how to embed climate education in different subjects, using scientific data and encouraging pupil engagement and active citizenship in local issues, for instance through citizen science approaches.
      This will lead to:
      – the provision of new resources and skills enabling teachers to effectively teach climate education to secondary school students. strengthened students’ and teachers’ scientific engagement in climate issues;
      – increased ability of young people to work with and appreciate digital scientific data;
      – enhanced interdisciplinary learning and digital skills among young people, raising their interest in science, technology and active citizenship.