Non violent creative defense of Human Rights

Mar 30, 2012Nonviolence

The international workshop “Non-violent creative defense of human rights – 2009” took place in Palermo with 21 young participants from EU and Eastern European countries as well as from the Caucasus region.  The participants met to discuss and learn about human rights, in particular how to defend those of disadvantaged groups through creative and non-violent methods.

The first part of the workshop was dedicated to content, and the second part to the implementation of an activity about non-violence and human rights in the main square of Palermo, involving the local population.


Programme:  CoE, European Youth Foundation, Category A grant


Project duration: 06/03/2009 – 12/03/2009



  • To make young people and local communities more aware of nonviolence and human rights;
  • To prepare young people for active citizenship;
  • To develop new creative strategies to defend human rights in a creative way;
  • To disseminate the work of Danilo Dolci and the reciprocal maieutic approach as a nonviolent communication tool;
  • To acquire basic knowledge about creativity, the concept and value of nonviolence and human rights.;
  • To learn about other cultures and increase intercultural skills;
  • To discover the importance of the arts in dealing with strong social issues locally and internationally;
  • To promote non-verbal communication and its importance when dealing with social issues.



Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci


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