How to counter political extremism on social networks? iCITIZEN training course is about to start!

Sep 5, 2019News

The international Training course iCitizen will take place between 9 and 15 of September 2019. It will bring together 32 youth workers and educators, project leaders and volunteers working in the social sector from 9 European countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Romania and Italy.

The Training course will focus on different themes: citizenship education, media literacy, creativity and judicious use of social networks. iCITIZEN aims to prevent the phenomenon of political extremism and online radicalisation among young people through the promotion of alternative and positive narratives. The project acknowledges the potential of youth work as a means to actively engage young people who are marginalized or at risk of marginalization, providing them with innovative tools aimed at strengthening critical thinking, active citizenship, democratic participation in society, and common values of coexistence and development.

Participants will be involved in a wide variety of activities based on non-formal methods and approaches: from sessions on vulnerability and protection factors in relation to radicalisation to creative workshops, from activities carried out adopting the RMA approach to the creation of campaigns promoting alternative and positive narratives on social networks, etc. As such, inspired by the heterogeneity of these activities and the knowledge acquired, participants will be able to properly contribute to the social development of the communities they belong to.

In order to stimulate a proactive dialogue with the local community, the iCITIZEN team is happy to invite you to participate in the Intercultural Dinners (10 and 11 September) that will take place in Marina di Cinisi (PA) at the EcoVillage “Fiori di Campo”, Traversa di via Sandro Pertini, 1. It will be a unique opportunity to discover different traditions of various European countries, learn about their music and dances, taste traditional dishes and drinks, and build personal and professional relationships with the participants.

Finally, the team and the participants of iCITIZEN will gather in Palermo in Via Maqueda and Piazza Verdi on Saturday, 14 September around 12:00 pm, to interact with anyone interested and launch the awareness campaign that will be developed during the creative sessions of the Training course as ambassadors of positive narratives.

The launch of the campaign will be also live streamed on the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). The event will seek to connect real and virtual communities, offering young people a concrete example of how to become ambassadors of alternative and positive narratives themselves.

Looking forward to your visit!

iCitizen – Citizenship education and media literacy as tools to prevent political extremism on social networks is cofunded Erasmus+, KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals – Mobility of youth workers.

The project partenership holds together 9 organisations:

For further information about the project, please contact Antonella Alessi,