AMW – Advancing Migrant Women

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AMW – Advancing Migrant Women

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01/09/2017 – 29/02/2020

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Erasmus + - KA2: Strategic partnerships for vocational education and training


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    Description of the project

    The project “Advancing Migrant Women” aims to develop high quality training material and support for migrant women in order to empower them by developing their employability and entrepreneurship skills through a holistic programme based on training and mentoring which will increase their self-efficacy. Through this, the partnership will address the employment and integration issues that migrant women face on a daily basis.

    The Training Programme and Career Circles™ which will be developed will achieve direct skills building within the target group of migrants to increase the transferable soft skills they need to get (back) into the employment market or set up their business. Migrant women will be offered a multitude of tools and exercises to fully achieve their relevant and high-quality skills and competences. Improvement of skills such as confidence and self-efficacy will not only help them (re)gain employment, but will also increase their levels of social inclusion.

    Finally, the AMW project will increase awareness amongst employers of the economic and social benefits of recruiting migrant women. It will hereby address the full spectrum of the barriers migrant women face and harness the benefits of female migrants’ integration towards achieving the overall objectives of poverty reduction, peace building and socio-economic development.


    • A research on the difficulties that migrant women face in different European countries, by carrying out desk and primary research.
    • Development of a set of training materials with a facilitators’ guide, adapted to the target group and aimed at the needs of migrant women.
    • Launch of a platform gathering the materials for off-line use and allows for the women to connect with each other. The platform will include webinars, a storytelling area to share experiences and stories, and case studies which function as inspiration;
    • Promotional events will be organized in the partner countries to disseminate the results and outputs developed as well as they will be a chance to ask for feedback from stakeholders;
    • Development of a guide targeting employers and business intermediaries for the recruitment of female migrants.


    • Employability and Entrepreneurial Competence Framework for migrant women’s development and integration.
    • Advancing Migrant Women Training Package Development & Piloting.
    • Career Circles™ for Migrant Women.
    • Advancing Migrant Women’ e-learning platform.
    • Guide ‘Maximising Diversity: The Business Case for the Recruitment of Migrant Women’.