EDDILI: to educate is to make possible the discovery of life

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EDDILI: to educate is to make possible the discovery of life

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01/11/2009 – 30/10/2011

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Co-funded by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig Multilateral Projects


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    Description of the project

    EDDILI is a project of international research-action, addressed to Adult Learning Staff (thereafter known as ALS), such as teachers and trainers of adults, as well as adult learners (thereafter known as AL). The international partnership aims to experiment and share Danilo Dolci’s Reciprocal Maieutic Approach (thereafter known as RMA) as an educational approach that can be used in the field of training by ALS. The project is co-funded by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme under the action Grundtvig Multilateral projects.


    You can access the e-learning platform.


    • Sharing RMA with partners;
    • Helping ALS to learn transversal skills through RMA;
    • Improving quality of learning contexts for adult learners;
    • Making it possible for AL to gain new knowledge, skills and aptitudes;
    • Encouraging adult learning staff to create a network. 


    • An initial training for trainers (trainers of ALS) about RMA;
    • Later on those trainers implemented at a local level a training course to ALS by using RMA (that they learned during the initial training), as the main pedagogical approach. The training courses included: 8 in-presence modules, 5 on-line modules and 1 international seminar;
    • After the training course, a prototype of the RMA final manual was created;
    • In the meantime, ALS put learning into practice in their daily work in order to evaluate the impact of RMA;
    • After a comprehensive evaluation process, the final version of the manual was realized;
    • The quality of the whole process was ensured by the implementation of a quality plan and the impact was monitored and evaluated by an external evaluator;
    • Dissemination and exploitation activities took place at both a local and an international level.


    • Training manual “Reciprocal Maieutic Approach in adult education” + DVD;
    • In presence, e-learning and self-access modules;
    • Website with chat open to new users;
    • Network of trained ALS who will use the RMA in their own teaching– new pedagogical knowledge, skills and aptitudes;
    • Consortium – increased experience, new partnerships;
    • Adult learners – new pedagogical knowledge, skills and aptitudes;
    • Local communities – intercultural awareness, knowledge about European programmes.