ETHICS – Ethical Competence as Educational Component in Adult Education

The project

ETHICS – Ethical Competence as Educational Component in Adult Education

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08/2009 – 07/2011

Funding institution

DG EAC, Education and Training, Lifelong Learning Programme – Grundtvig Multilateral


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    Description of the project

    ETHICS aims to product tools and training materials on education and evaluation of ethical responsibilities and their role in education provision for adults. Ethical responsibilities generally relate to how a person constructs him or herself and his/her relationships with others according to a number of values​​, involving both affective and emotional aspects. These skills have a certain influence both on the professional and private life. However, educational issues relating to ethical responsibilities remain to be explored.

    The project aims to clarify the meaning, define the nature and draw guidelines as related to the education and assessment of these skills. The partners and participants involved in the project work together to produce a guide to proper education and assessment of skills in ethical education for adults. The creation of this guide will lead the partners to experience firsthand the tools used in their respective local and national environments, therefore identifying and sharing common European values.


    • Development of methodologies to be used for the transfer and evaluation of ethical skills
    • Exchange of good practices among the partners on the issues in question


    • Creation of a reference guide for adult trainers providing tools for education and evaluation of ethical competencies
    • Dissemination of developed materials in the different national contexts