FUNMILIES – Intergenerational Sport Solutions for Healthy Ageing

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FUNMILIES – Intergenerational Sport Solutions for Healthy Ageing

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01/01/2021 – 31/12/2022

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DG EAC - Erasmus+ - Sport: collaborative partnerships


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    Description of the project

    While older people in Europe generally live longer compared to previous generations, they also tend to face multiple disadvantages, including loneliness and isolation. There are also worrying data across Europe which indicate that young people suffer from a sedentary lifestyle as well as a lack of regular movement because of the amount of time spent on computers and mobile phones. For this reason, the project Funmilies aims to address the challenges of loneliness, isolation, as well as the problems related to sedentary life and lack of movement of older people (65+) in Europe through the promotion of active and healthy ageing. It intends to encourage participation in sport and physical activity. Specifically, Fumilies’ objectives are:

    • To enhance participation and cooperation in intergenerational sports activities of elders of 65+ and youth of 25- in EU countries.
    • To enhance the awareness and capacities of sports professionals in organizing/implementing intergenerational sports activities that motivate the participation of elders 65+
    • To increase awareness on the importance of physical activity, healthy living and active ageing among older (and younger) citizens
    • To increase the access of persons 65+ in sports activities, and relevant information
    • To strengthen the physical skills, social skills, self-esteem and psychological skills, cognitive skills and general wellbeing of elders (65+)
    • To promote the concept and benefits of intergenerational sports (and tools for its implementation) to relevant stakeholders, actors and policy makers in the fields of sports, healthy living and active ageing.


    • Researching activities, data collection and analysis for reporting the assessment of the level of involvement of older people in sports and type activities within family and communities. Interviews with representative of each target group.
    • Developing of training and learning activities, aiming to develop the skills of sports professionals in the planning and implementation of intergenerational sports activities, fostering the inclusion of persons over 65.
    • 12-hour capacity building seminar for sport professionals per country
    • Organization of intergenerational sports events in the sports clubs (teams consisting of Elders 65+ and Youth 25-)
    • Designing of the Guide for coaches and Development and Piloting of online learning and resource platform that will encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in Sports.


    • European Survey Research Report on the Readiness to Undertake Intergenerational Sporting Activities in Funmilies Partners’ Countries.
    • Capacity Building Program for Sports Clubs’ coaches/trainers/professionals on the inclusion of Elders 65+ and Youth 25- in Intergenerational Sports Activities – a manual structured around five main modules, with the following topics: a) The Importance of Intergenerational Inclusion; b) Older People’s Rights and Responsibilities for Playing Fair in Life; c) Theoretical Aspects of Education Through Sport Methodology; d) Needs of Older People in Sports; e) Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligenc.
    • Guide for Sports Clubs in including Elders 65+ in their Sports activities, with instructions and recommendations on how to plan organize and implement intergenerational programs and activities that would promote the inclusion of persons over 65 in sports.
    • Online Platform, to generate more notable and sustainable changes in health and fitness, that will give the opportunity to users to receive personalized sports training plans and information on physical activities appropriate for them.