Kaleidoscope – Multiple reflection for quality of multi-layered literacy

The project

Kaleidoscope – Multiple reflection for quality of multi-layered literacy

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10/05/2014 – 21/05/2014

Funding institution

DG EAC, Education and Training, Lifelong Learning Programme – Grundtvig Multilateral


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    Description of the project

    Kaleidoscope workshop deals with new approaches and creative methods for the professionals working in the field of adult literacy and education to adult literacy. The project, involving 20 participants, is for teachers, tutors and trainers, staff involved in adults literacy education, former and unemployed teachers. Kaleidoscope aims to stimulate the awareness of the deeper meaning of basic education, thus developing expressive and learning potential of adult learners.


    • Development of non-formal educational and multicultural learning activities.
    • Deepening of artistic research through Theatre of the Oppressed and Maieutic Theatre.


    • Creation of a theatre performance to be realized in the surrounding where first maieutic workshops coordinated by Danilo Dolci took place.
    • Dissemination of the Four Pillars of Education presented by the “Learning: the treasure within” Report to UNESCO of the International Commission of Education for the 21st Century.