Liberi di Crescere – Rete ad alta densità educativa

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Liberi di Crescere – Rete ad alta densità educativa

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16/07/2018 – 15/07/2022

Funding institution

Bando Adolescenza 11 – 17 anni – Bando adolescenza 11 -17 anni – Fondo per il Contrasto della Povertà Educativa Minorile – CON I BAMBINI Impresa Sociale


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    Description of the project

    The project aims at setting up an alliance between different actors of the educational community by stipulating “Educational Pacts”. These pacts are based on three pillars: self-reflection, networking and interventions in favour of the educational community. Teachers, families, social workers and economic actors will be involved in a programme based on self-analysis, by means of RMA sessions (a Danilo Dolci-inspired approach). These activities will allow participants to identify the values they wish to adopt in their own community and use as principles of a self-realisation process.


    • To test a new educational model blending formal and non-formal methodologies, so as to allow children to create their personal projects.
    • To enhance the role of schools as places for students to grow morally and emotionally, as a space where they can thrive. Schools shall become an important piece of community mosaic in order to prevent early school leaving.
    • To share this reflection process with people coming from other territories and having different experiences, so as to contribute with new visions and impulses to the enrichment of community life.
    • To set up an alliance between different actors of the educational community by stipulating “Educational Pacts”. These pacts will tie the so-called “educational knots”, spaces where teachers, social and youth workers can meet and dialogue with children in order to understand their dreams and desires.

    Activities and results

    • Train the Trainer Programmes aimed at sharing tools and methods used to set up local initiatives.
    • Self-reflection workshops on personal needs and desires so as to ensure consistency between actions and initiatives implemented at local level.
    • Educational support to individual study.
    • ICT and Active Citizenship workshops.
    • Support the educational role of teachers by promoting pedagogic activities such as co-created classes and street education programmes.
    • Counselling points in every partner school.
    • Participative interventions of social and urban regeneration.
    • Launch of an online platform aimed at promoting dialogue between different actors and integrate and strengthen school and educational networks.

     The project will be implemented in 5 cities in four different Italian regions: Palermo, Messina, Salerno, Genoa e Turin.


    Coordinator of the projectLibera associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie

    PartnersARCI GENOVAAssociazione Culturale “San Giovanni Apostolo” onlus, Associazione Gruppo Abele ONLUSAssociazione Libera Palermo, Centro di prima accoglienza Salerno – Dipartimento minorile e di comunità del Ministero della Giustizia, Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo DolciComune di MessinaComune di PalermoComune di SalernoComune di Torino, EcosMed società cooperativa sociale, I.I.S. GASTALDI-ABBA, IC ALFANO-QUASIMODO, Il Portico Cooperativa Sociale, IPSSAR “F. P. Cascino”, Istituto Comprensivo ‘Giuseppe Catalfamo’Istituto Comprensivo CorniglianoIstituto Comprensivo Giuliana SaladinoIstituto Comprensivo Sferracavallo-Onorato PalermoIstituto Comprensivo Statale Giovanni FalconeIstituto d’Istruzione Superiore Statale ‘Santa Caterina da Siena – Amendola’Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore Verona TrentoIstituto Professionale Statale J.B.BECCARIScuola secondaria di primo grado Viotti TorinoUfficio di Servizio Sociale per i Minorenni di Genova, Ufficio di Servizio Sociale per i Minorenni di Palermo, Ufficio Servizio Sociale Minorenni, Ufficio Servizio Sociale per i Minorenni di Messina.