Beginner teacher support program

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Beginner teacher support program

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31/05/2022 – 30/04/2024

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Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation partnerships in Adult Education


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    Description of the project

    According to some research conducted by the European Union in the school environment, the training needs most frequently requested by teachers concern social skills. When asked about their weaknesses, the latter mention above all: the difficulty in maintaining discipline in the classroom, the inability to establish relationships with the students, the distrust of the class group, the excessive indulgence or the lack of patience, the use of stereotypes in student evaluation.

    In many European countries a large number of new professors quit their job. This fact questions the type of support these teachers received during the difficult early stages of their professional careers. Research shows that the departure from teaching is often due to a too heavy workload and communication problems with students, parents and colleagues.

    The “On the way to excellence – beginner teacher support program” is a response to the needs of these young teachers: a training program that aims to integrate the knowledge acquired during their studies with the experience gained through internships. The training will provide new teachers with skills and tools to deal with everyday situations, more complex moments and crisis related to the consequences of the pandemic.

    The partners, as institutions operating in the education system, take on the task of bridging the gap in access to support programs to improve teachers’ social skills. Thanks to the project, a ready-to-use training program will be provided, with specific material attached, which will respond to newly hired teachers’ professional growth needs.


    • Analysis of newly hired teachers’ needs through research conducted in each partner countries.
    • Creation of the “On the way to excellence” training program containing tools and methodologies available to all school staff.
    • Testing of the program through the organization of pilot trainings in the 3 participating countries.
    • Carrying out interviews with training participants to verify the skills acquired.
    • Organization of different events for the promotion and dissemination of the program.


    • A 48 hour training program for the facilitation and support of new teachers in the following topics:
      1. Interpersonal skills in working with students
      2. Supporting students in dealing with a crisis situation
      3. Communication with special educational needs students
      4. Educational materials to support teachers in dealing with a crisis situation
      5. Pass on – how to use your potential and experience.
    • 45 new teachers involved will acquire new skills in the relational and educational field thanks to the participation in the program trainings.
    • Students will benefit from the new awareness acquired by teachers.
    • 6 events in the 3 partner countries will be held to promote the dissemination of the training program in the education system.
    • 1 international conference for the presentation of the training program will be held at the end of the project.
    • More than 200 people will participate in the promotional events organized to disseminate the program both locally and internationally.