PRIORITY – PRomotIng Open Resilient Inclusive socieTies for Youth

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PRIORITY – PRomotIng Open Resilient Inclusive socieTies for Youth

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31/01/2019 – 30/01/2022

Funding institution

Erasmus + - KA3: Social inclusion through education, training and youth


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    Description of the project

    The project PRIORITY – Promoting Open Resilient Inclusive SocieTies for Youth is part of a historical and political context in which migration processes and integration and inclusion policies are priorities of many European countries. Moreover, in recent years Europe has been the scene of dramatic events such as acts of terrorism and violent extremism that have caused a worrying cultural and political closure.

    The risk of radicalisation as well as membership of extreme right-wing groups are phenomena in which young people, who are often vulnerable to the spread of negative and violent messages, are strongly involved. Marginalisation and belonging to disadvantaged groups increase this risk and severely hamper the processes of integration and social inclusion.

    PRIORITY aims to involve youth networks, cultural and sports organisations, lifelong learning and training centres, as well as public and private bodies from the partner countries (Germany, Greece, Italy and Romania) with the aim of creating youth inclusion environments (PRIORITY Hubs) and increasing the capacities of organisations working with young people.

    The project wants to invest in the prevention of radicalisation processes through inclusion processes, to give young people belonging to disadvantaged groups, such as migrants and refugees, the opportunity to engage, participate democratically and lead positive changes in communities.

    In addition, the project provides for the involvement of young people in local events and demonstrations that have a strong link with the heritage of the places where migrants live in order to make them active citizens of their territory and counter any form of social marginalization.


    • Preventing processes of radicalisation and marginalisation of young migrants and refugees.
    • To implement processes of inclusion and integration between migrants and the local community, contributing to a democratic and participatory intercultural dialogue.
    • Create spaces for youth inclusion that can be a reference point for young people at risk of marginalisation.
    • Increase the skills of young people and organisations working with migrants through workshops and exchange of good practices.


    • Researcvh and Collection of best practices  A quantitative and qualitative research on the phenomena of marginalization and radicalization at local and European level, based mainly on the current situation of migrants and refugees in the countries involved. The research also includes a collection of good practices to counter radicalisation through cultural, artistic and sports activities.
    • PRIORITY Methodology and Toolkit Development of a methodology for integration processes and fight against radicalisation through voluntary actions, artistic, cultural and sports activities. The methodology also includes the creation of a Toolkit of the best practices collected during the research phase. The Toolkit will provide high quality practical activities to be carried out with young migrants and refugees.
    • How to PRIORITIZE

    Organization of three international workshops for youth workers, teachers and sports educators in order to strengthen their skills in the prevention of youth marginalization and learn strategies for social inclusion. At the end of the three workshops, an E-book will be produced which will provide elements on:

      • – How to create youth inclusion environments (PRIORITY HUBS);
      • – How to become a youth worker who can carry out activities for young migrants (PRIORITY HUBS SUPER HERO);
      • – How to make youth inclusion environments sustainable and lasting (SUSTAIN PRIORITY HUB)

    Direct experience within the youth inclusion environments (Hubs) where to organize three different activities aimed at youth inclusion and countering radicalization:

      • Inclusion workshops
      • Cultural or social activities linked to the objectives of the European Year of Cultural Heritage.
      • PRIORITY Young Mediators Capacity Building training with target groups of local young people and migrants and/or refugees who want to become peer educators using the project methodology and reach young people at risk of exclusion.
    • E-Learning PLATFORM

    A platform with two courses “How to become a PRIORITY Super hero” (aimed at youth workers and educators) and Priority Young Mediator (designed for young migrants and refugees).