PRoMOTE – Rosina Ndukwe on her experience as a 4.3 youth worker in Italy

Oct 16, 2014Volunteering

Rosina-NdukweRosina Ndukwe from Liverpool (UK), started her six-month-internship experience at Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci in Palermo last March, in the framework of the project ProMOTE – New Perspectives through Mobility and Exchange, funded by Youth in Action programme, action 4.3 Youth Support Systems, Support to Youth Workers’ Mobility.

Rosina shares her first impressions about her life in Palermo and her job at CSC Danilo Dolci.

ProMOTE project gave me the fantastic opportunity to experience the working environment of a different country and to develop my professional, intercultural and linguistic skills.

The activities and the projects carried out by CSC Danilo Dolci have allowed me to communicate with and to learn more about people from different backgrounds. Thanks to participating in a number of projects, I have also acquired an in-depth understanding about non-formal methods and techniques. I would like to mention some of them: SlowMed project funded by ENPI programme, is aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue, in order to strengthen Mediterranean cultural identity by means of its common culinary heritage. The CAREM project is funded by the Comenius programme and it is focused on developing didactic activities, which are designed according to pedagogical techniques inspired to the collaborative art-making approach. The project promotes inclusive actions for reducing marginalisation and early school leaving and for encouraging kids who are marginalised in curricula, dominant cultures and societies.

Thanks to #Masturhate, hashtag against discrimination, a campaign launched before the EU election in 2014, I have also become familiar with different communication strategies, so as to foster active participation of young people and local communities. The campaign made use of the Internet and the social media, aiming at raising awareness about hate speech as a propaganda tool used by politicians, besides contributing to fight against discrimination.

At CSC Danilo Dolci, I found the atmosphere to be very stimulating and creative. I became familiar with new creative methods and approaches, which can be used when dealing with young people, youth workers and educators. It was of particular importance to me to fully explore Danilo Dolci’s social and pedagogical works and experiences, as they keep inspiring the work of CSC Danilo Dolci. In particular, I have learnt more about the views and values of the organisation that mirror Danilo Dolci’s heritage: promoting the culture of peace and non-violence as a strategy for active resistance against any kind of violence, abuse and mafia; encouraging and spreading the use of the reciprocal maieutic approach and other innovative educational methods; supporting the education of young people and adults., I also have the chance to visit Borgo di Dio to know more about the work of Danilo Dolci, the heritage and the impact of Danilo Dolci’s activities in Trappeto, his home town.

Moreover. I have been involved in the development of ideas for new projects and I have been writing some of them which aim at fostering the social inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities.

During my internship, I have also studied Italian at the Italian language School for Foreigners in Palermo. Speaking Italian has allowed me to communicate more effectively inside and outside the office, with my colleagues, youth workers, members of local communities and local organisations. All in all, my experience as a youth worker in Palermo at CSC Danilo Dolci has helped me to gain an in-depth understanding of youth work in Europe.

As soon as I arrived in Palermo, I fell in love with the city. Palermo is an amazing place, famous for its great food and incredible architecture, especially in the city centre. It is the home of many diverse cultures reflecting its rich cultural history. It also reminds me of the things I love about Liverpool, my native city.

Thanks a lot 4.3!!!