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Apr 22, 2014Cultural heritage promotion

SlowMed selection

Chefs at work

Are you a chef? Would you like to have the chance to challenge other chefs in an International competition? Are you a video-maker who would like to shoot a documentary about Sicilian culinary traditions? Are you a nutritionist or an expert in food communication, besides you would like to add to your CV an experience in the most prestigious Euro-Mediterranean institutions in this field? The project SlowMed, aimed at stressing the role of Mediterranean Diet as a means of intercultural dialogue, offers you the opportunity to do that.

Through the multiple stages of this race ending by December 2015, participants will be able to improve their specific skills, by gathering important experiences that would mark their professional future.

SlowMed’s path will feature:

–         a cooking competition with the other partner countries (Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Portugal and Spain);

–         two International events in Egypt and in Portugal;

–         a research on Mediterranean Diet related traditions and the dissemination of its results at a local level;

–         video-shooting of a documentary on local and regional cooking traditions;

–         the release of a book of recipe conceived for alimentary education.

We are looking for 10 experts that will make part of our local working group:

  • 2 professional chefs
  • 2 amateur chefs
  • 2 film makers
  • 2 scene directors
  • 1 nutritionist
  • 1 food communication expert

All the project activity costs will be fully covered, international journeys included.

Applications must be submitted before June 15th 2014. The interviews will be carried out by June at Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci in via Roma 94, Palermo.

Please send your application, along with your CV and a cover letter in English at

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