Mar 30, 2015Education and Training


Center For Creative Training
Biennial for Sustainable  Development
in early school education October 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria


Dear primary and pre-school teachers, principals and education experts,

Center for creative training has the great pleasure to invite you to attend the event Biennial 2015.

Topic: “Human rights and democracy”
When and where: October 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Duration: 3 days
Participant countries: Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Italy
Participation Fee: Free of charge (if you want to take part in a workshop you have to pay 10 Euro, in this price are included the materials used during the workshop. It’s free for viewers and exhibitors)

You can Include your participation in the Biennial like mobility for school staff activity in your projects of KA1 at Erasmus + programme. At the end you will receive sertificate for your participation at the biennial.

sustain-pic1Biennial is an event, part of SUSTAIN project, held every two years, in order to display the good results and authentic classroom art crafts through encouraging the teachers and learners via biennial competitions. The main theme of the biennial is “sustainable development” but sub themes will be changed every two year in each partner country to raise the awareness of the people about the interrelation between sustainable development and key competencies, and present different perspective to the environmental problems. Furthermore, it aims to create active, informed and responsible citizens who are willing and able to take responsibility for themselves and their communities.

sustain-pic2The previous edition was organized in Istanbul in October 2013 and was attended by more than 50 teachers from different countries.

This year’s Biennial has the character of educational exhibition. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Share your work (lesson, poster, workshop, etc.) in front of colleagues from 4 different countries;
  • Exchange know-how, ideas and experience;
    Make new international friendships;

If you are interested, you can participate in the following way:

  • With presentation
  • With workshop
  • With poster or developed materials  
  • To be a viewer or attending to choosen workshop without beeing a exhibitor
    All the materials have to be related to the topic and realized with the participation of the students. You can create lesson plans and produce arts and crafts (poster, painting, toys). You can also send us pictures and movies about how the project was made. The best once will be shown at the Biennial and will be upload to our website.

What is SUSTAIN project?

sustain-pic3Sustaining Development in Early School Education is a Comenius project that aims to gather and share good practices to encourage excellent results, innovative products to improve the quality of education and training through local workshops, online classroom implementation, and a face to face International Teacher Training Course. The project targets pre-primary and primary teachers – and their students (Students aged 5-12).
Visit www.sustain- for more additional information about the project.

All the participants will be accommodated at Center for training students for the olympics. Every room has bathroom, TV and Wi-Fi access.

Adress: Sofia, Bulgaria, bul. Dragan Tsankov 21a (Google maps)


  • 9 Euro by night
  • 18 Euro by night with included breakfast and dinner

More about SOFIA

sustain-pic5Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria. Its history spans 2,400 years. The city is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain in the western part of the country. It occupies a strategic position at the centre of the Balkan Peninsula. Sofia is the 15th largest city in the European Union with population of around 1.3 million people. Many of the major universities, cultural institutions and commercial companies of Bulgaria are concentrated in Sofia.

For more information, confirmation and to reserve your place at the event contact Iva Krastanova (project coordinator):

We look forward to seeing you! Don’t miss the opportunity!