FATI: second training for Family Trainers in Germany

Nov 7, 2016Education and Training, News

Fati Second Training GermanyIncreasing the skills of the social workers who support families at-risk such as single-parent families or families from disadvantaged areas: this is the main aim of FATI, Family Trainer International – network to empower families at risk and single parents.

The project partners met from 1st to the 7th of October 2016 in a small village in Germany, Gießübel in Thuringia to carry out a training with Family Trainers to support families of FATI partner countries. The training was held with 5 families from Romania, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Italy. For six days the participants participated to a Family Training with specific activities for families. Young and old people experienced the techniques developed by the project to improve intercultural dialogue, to facilitate communication between family members and support single-parent families or from disadvantaged areas. Each partner brought 4 participants (a family) and a Family Trainer.

The training was also an opportunity to discuss the next stages of the project. Partners and families will meet again in June in Hungary to put into practice the methods developed during the meetings in Cornwall and Germany. Also in Hungary it is expected that FATI partners will bring 5 participants per country, in particular families with few opportunities.

The FATI project will last three years and it is funded by the Erasmus + programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership in the field of adult education.

The project brings together 6 partners from 6 European countries:

For information about the project, please contact Dario Ferrante: dario.ferrante@danilodolci.org.