BEST FRIENDS: An online meeting for the conclusion of the first year of activities

Dec 16, 2021News

On December 6th, 2021, the partners of the BEST FRIENDS project had the opportunity to meet online – due to Covid-19 restrictions still in force in some countries – to define the latest actions to be implemented before the end of the year and the next ones planned for 2022.

After having concluded the activities related to the first intellectual result, that is a European Report that provides an overview of the current situation of older people, in particular their state of social inclusion in the community, good practices, pedagogical approaches and training needs of social workers and educators in terms of the skills needed in their work with older people, the partners are now engaged in the realization of the second and third intellectual products. These are an Intergenerational Learning Training Program for healthcare professionals, social workers and volunteers working with older people, which offers an overview of how to design and implement intergenerational learning activities for older people, and a Toolkit for intergenerational learning and social participation activities which will contain a collection of specific materials to be used in the planning and implementation of intergenerational learning programs among seniors (65+) and young children (4-5 years).

The draft of both products is ready and in the first months of next year, after careful revision and adjustment, these results will also be concluded so that the partnership can begin with practical activities such the staff training and pilot testing of the Toolkit with seniors and children, which will take up most of 2022.

During the meeting the objectives achieved during the first year of the project and the actions to be taken for the new year were therefore discussed.

It has been a very fruitful year and we can’t wait to share the results!


Best Friends Against Ageism – Intergenerational workshops between old people and children to brake the isolation of elderly people and support their social inclusion is co-funded by the Erasmus + program (Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships | Adult Education) and aims to combat the isolation and social exclusion of older people and to provide an innovative method for social workers, volunteers and educators who work with older people to foster intergenerational learning.


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