DigiVET: Second Transnational Meeting

Dec 1, 2021News

On the 29th November took place the second Transnational Meeting of the project DigiVET. Initially, the meeting was scheduled in Vienna, in the end, it was organised online for the worsening of the pandemic situation in Austria.

The focus of the meeting has been the development of the training course for VET teachers and trainers that will be created in the coming months. The partners analysed the data emerged from the National researches, carried out during the summer period, to realise a product that answers to the needs of VET teacher and trainers for the deployment of a quality and effective digital VET.

What has emerged from the six countries involved in the project (Romania, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Greece, Cyprus) is that, notwithstanding the abrupt change to online VET, teachers and trainers gradually adapted to this new environment through the participation in online training course or through learning by doing experience. However, some issues remain: the difficulty in realising online practical and on-the-job training; keeping the attention and focus of students high; developing the capacity of VET teachers and trainers to use digital tools and to change their teaching method. Indeed, the research has highlighted that it is necessary to rethink and restructure the teaching and learning method and to adapt it to the digital environment and that digital VET is not the mere transposition of traditional teaching online.

All these information will be fundamental for partners in the development of the training course that will be available for anyone, even those teachers and trainers that did not attend the course, on the eLearning platform.

DigiVET – Creating Digital Content with the Utilisation of Free Online Resources is cofinaced by Erasmus+ programme – KA 2 Strategic partnership for VET Education.


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