EUVHS: Partners Meeting for the development of the training course on digital education

Nov 30, 2021News

The partners of EUVHS – A framework for the design and implementation of European Virtual ScHoolS met online on the 26th November for the second Transnational Meeting of the project.

EUVHS is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership with the objective of increasing the quality and efficiency of digital education in European secondary schools. The project has started in May and it has produced, for now, a National level research in the partners countries (Germany, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, and Ireland). The research has highlighted the issues that have characterised virtual education during the COVID-19 pandemic and the training needs of the school leaders, teachers and students on this matter. In summary, the major obstacles to an effective virtual education have been technical (poor internet connection) and infrastructural problems (initial lack of digital devices), low digital readiness of the teachers and problems with the level of knowledge of digital tools for education and of innovative teaching methods. Even the digital readiness of students was low when the pandemic had started and the teachers have shown a great commitment in enhancing their competences.

This research has involved 250 secondary school teachers in partner countries and it will be the basis for the development of the training course for school leaders and teachers on digital education that the partners will create in the coming months. During the online meeting, the partners have discussed about the data and they have outlined the next steps in the training program development.

The training course will involve at least 20 among school leaders and teachers in every partner country. If you are interested in taking part to the training or you are in general interested in the project, write an email to Giulia Cau:

EUVHS – A framework for the design and implementation of European Virtual ScHoolS is cofinanced by Erasmus + KA2: Strategic partnership | School.


For further information visit or contact Giulia Cau: