Nov 20, 2017News

A goal of social protection systems and social inclusion policies is that they promote equality between women and men.

According to Eurostat data, across the EU-28, the proportion of men of working age in the employment exceeded than women by 11.6%.

Besides, gender inequalities in education are latent: most of the tests and evaluations carried out by Universities, employment agencies, schools and so are based on parameters which are much more favourable for male applicants.

How to promote equal opportunities between men and women in the academic and professional performance evaluations?

How to prevent the school leaving and improve the rate of success for the women in the performance evaluations?

On the 7th and 8th November, the first meeting of the project GeNeus – Gender Neutral Performance and Aptitude Testings – was held in Sofia (Bulgaria) attended by partners from Portugal, Italy, Austria, Spain and Bulgaria.

The project aims at the development, promotion and mainstreaming of a set of matrices of gender neutral testing. These tests will improve equal opportunities of both genders in educational and professional performance, and will be freely downloadable.

The project will aim mostly to 4 specific target groups:

  • VET orientation centres, HR professionals, schools at secondary level, professional consultancies, VET training centres, Recruitment and assessment agencies, Woman NGOs, Employers
  • Public employment centers or related services
  • Job orientation centers regarding study choice at high school and university level
  • Decision makers in public administration and organisations who are working with tests

To achieve the projects goal, partners will develop:

  • A Generic report on gender neutral testings;
  • A Set of Matrices of Gender Neutral Testing;
  • A practical Guide on Implementation of Matrices;
  • Set of application of Gender Neutral Testings for each target group.

This innovative project could be amazingly impactive in women’s life helping them:

  • in reducing the drop out;
  • improving their succeeding rate in testings;
  • performance, contributing to equal educational and professional opportunities for men and women.

GENEUS project has a duration of 24 months and it is funded by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training.

The partnership is composed by 6 organisations:

For further information, please contact Irene Biundo,