Merging experiential approaches for diversified educational paths: the tools of the JOY method

Mar 18, 2024News

Working in the field of non-formal education involves continuous updates on cutting-edge tools and procedures that can be used during one’s training sessions. Often, choosing a single approach for the duration of an entire educational path can be complex both for the trainer, who must manage to convey messages always through the same method, and for the participants, who may have difficulties in engaging with a certain type of activity.

For these reasons, the JOY method consists of a fusion between different disciplines which, in dialogue with one another, provide the necessary skills for an introspective journey and rediscovery of one’s capabilities. JOY is composed of activities coming from various practices, such as storytelling, dance, working with nature, drama, and art.

To discover how to integrate these different approaches into a training session, it is necessary to consult the website and take a look at the new resources available:

You will find:

  • HANDBOOK: By reading this manual, it will be possible to delve into the various chosen methods, taking into account the viewpoints of different experts who operate within the aforementioned disciplines.
  • TOOLBOX: This useful tool will help you consult the many activities designed during the project by different partner organizations and can provide the necessary inspiration for the imagination and development of your training.
  • CARDSET: The downloadable set of cards contains a summary in various steps of the activities present in the toolbox. It can be consulted online or printed, ready to be used in various training meetings.
  • JOY COURSE: Through this document, you can discover how the JOY trainings were structured by the different educators of the project. Reading it will guide you in creating an educational path suitable for your workgroup.

In Palermo, on March 7, 2024, the partnership of the project met to present all the new results produced and to conduct a workshop with young volunteers who operate in the field of non-formal education in different youth centers of the city.

Each partner organization took care of presenting its own methodology through an activity. Together, we danced, drew, acted, and engaged in dialogue with nature. The meeting was also an important opportunity to valorize the competencies previously acquired by the participants in informal contexts, emphasizing how what is learned does not only come from institutionalized educational settings but also from experiences lived in different situations.

If you are interested in learning more about the JOY method and the activities it contains, consult our website: or send an e-mail to:

Ode to Joy – Developing Attunement through the Experience of Joy is a European project funded by the Erasmus + KA2 Partnership in Adult Education programme, which intends to increase peopl’es ability to experience and express positive emotions both in work and private contexts.


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