M-EASY: New tools to improve mathematical skills

Jun 15, 2018News

M-EASY: New tools to improve mathematical skillsHow to support the educators that deal with the education of the adult low-skilled? How to improve the integration of low-skilled adults?

The II meeting of the M-EASY project was held in Cyprus on June 7th and 8th. The partners met up in order to assess the work done so far and to discuss about the next steps of the project.

During the meeting, particular attention was given to the “Training course for developing basic mathematical skills M-Easy” to improve the integration of low-skilled adults including refugees, asylum seekers, migrants through developing their mathematics skills by using problem-solving ICT-based approach; to monitor, assess and collect learners’ achievements and to facilitate the validation of obtained basic skills.

In particular, the partners discussed about e-Directory of existing mobile apps (games) which main aim is to provide learners with the opportunity for initial self-training in order to improve their mathematical skills by using an innovative Mobile Apps approach.

This e-Directory consists of the set of 12 selected Mobile Apps for Androids and provides two main possibilities to arrange learners’ self-training process

Most of the time was given to the testing a set of problem-oriented Mobile Apps for mathematical skills development in order to use comments and evaluations collected to improve and make them more pertinent to the aim.

Next meeting of the consortium will be in Austria in December 2018.

The M-Easy project lasts 28 months and is funded by Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education.

The project partnership holds together 7 organisations:

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