The trainers’ guide in Italian of the PASSIONPRENEURS project is online

Sep 2, 2021News

The PASSIONPRENEURS Trainer’s Guide has been translated in Italian and it is now available for download.

The English version of the guide has been finalized and the partners are now editing the guide in all consortium languages. The project is delivering the last intellectual outputs as it ends on the 31st of October 2021.

PASSIONPRENEURS – “Social Entrepreneurship through passion” project’s objective is to tackle unemployment and social exclusion of disadvantaged groups with social entrepreneurship through interests, talents and passions of marginalised adults. Social entrepreneurship combines the ideas of business creation, economic development, collaboration of people for common concerns and social challenges.

Within the project, three intellectual outputs were developed:

  • IO1 Training programme ‘Social Entrepreneurship through passion’ (development of curriculum, practical activities and tools, translation);
  • IO2 Trainers’ guide for adult educators with three chapters: identification of interests, talents and passions; guidance to implement the Training Programme; and peer-coaching (development, translation and piloting);
  • IO3 On-line learning platform (development, translation, online community, webinars and information space).

IO1 – Training programme

Download – Training programme – IT Download – Training programme – EN

IO2 – Trainers’ guide

IO2 Trainers’ guide is meant for adult educators and is organized in three chapters:

Chapter 1: Methodology for the identification of interests, talents and passions (ITPs) of adults

In this chapter the Appreciative Inquiry and the Ikigai methods are explained. The chapter also include a Semi-structured interview: Interview Grid and Personal Card to support trainers when interviewing their participants to the PASSIONPRENEURS training programme.

Chapter 2: Guidance and tools for the Training Programme

This chapter investigates the characteristics of vulnerable groups as regards with social entrepreneurship, explains social entrepreneurship, guides vulnerable adults through their passions, clarifies the role of trainers in complex learning environments.

Chapter 3: Peer coaching

This chapter includes an introduction to peer coaching, presents the principles and the Experiential learning behind it, helps trainers understand the role of a peer coach, and desctibes peer coaching techniques and how to incorporate them into training activities.

The guide is targeting counsellors, coaches from employment centers, business support organisations, coaches and trainers of VET and adult education centers.

Download PASSIONPRENEURS – Trainers’ Guide – IT Download PASSIONPRENEURS – Trainers’ Guide – EN

IO3 – On-line learning platform

PASSIONPRENEURS – On-line learning platform


PASSIONPRENEURS is cofunded by Erasmus + programme – KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for adult education.

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