How can prosociality strengthen the educating community?

Jul 5, 2019News

The training of trainers was held on the 18th and 19th June 2019 at the Centre for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci” in Palermo. It involved 18 participants in total between professors and educators.

The first day, the training started with the introduction of the project and its main goals, that is to experiment educative and social pedagogic practices related to the application of pro-social measures aiming at involving local communities in the promotion of social inclusion of students of secondary schools.

Each participant was asked to briefly introduce him/herself and his/her school or organisation, explaining everyone his/her understanding of “prosociality”.

Then, the trainer focused on how to use prosociality to strengthen the educational content of school activities and presented the pedagogical manual on prosociality to discuss didactic and pedagogical aspects. Two experimental workshops were chosen among the selected learning activities that will be implemented with the students.

Finally, there was a discussion on how these and other exercises in the manual can be used and adapted with students, according to their knowledges and needs.

The second day, the trainer introduced to the participants the Prosocial Code of Peace, as a tool to define the basic principles that can foster prosocial action towards students, teachers and all “communities of educators”.

In the second part of the training was held by Amico Dolci, who organized a reciprocal maeutic approach workshop. The workshop focused on the “pairs of word” activity, giving all the participants the opportunity to reflect, give an opinion and dialogue on the concepts of “teaching VS educating” and “transmission Vs communication”.

Next activity will be the Summer School in July 2019 in Città di Castello (Italy).

ALICE lasts 2 years and funded by Erasmus+ Programme, KA3 – Support for Policy Reform.

The project partnership consists of six organizations around Europe:

For further information, please contact Irene Ippolito, coordinator on behalf of the Centre for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci”: