Joint Venture is getting to its core: the training course for entrepreneurs!

Feb 18, 2022News

The partners of the project Joint Venture – Business between socially excluded people and NGos – have met online for discussing the next steps regarding the core of the project.

Indeed, the partnership has completed the development of resources that are essential for setting the bases of the future training course and that will be soon released. The first is a manual containing an analysis of the existing courses aimed at disadvantaged groups and contents available in order to be able to have a clear image of the European context. The second resource is a Business Handbook which contains a proposal for a training curriculum addressed to groups at risk of exclusion and NGOs.

Lastly the partnership is developing a Book containing 88 success stories of NGO business projects with people at risk of exclusion in the EU area, in order to find synergies and good models.

All these resources will lead to the implementation of the Joint Venture entrepreneurial NGos incubation programme: it will be open to adults that wish to start their own business and that need the help of the business world powered by the experience and tools of the NGOs.

We will keep you posted, news and open calls will come very soon!

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Joint Venture is cofunded by Erasmus+ KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education.


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