Teaching the Future: testing the Data Dashboard in Bilbao

Apr 7, 2023News

Have you ever thought about how much the climate has changed over time? Through TTF‘s Data Dashboard you can access a wide range of climate change data and see for yourself how temperatures have changed over the past decades.

To test this platform, we met with project partners in Bilbao, Spain, on 20 March to discuss the results so far, test the tools developed and decide together how to approach the next steps.

The meeting was a success thanks to everyone’s active participation and the enthusiasm that characterizes the working staff.

In particular, great attention was given to the tool developed for the second result of the project, which is the Climate Data Dashboard, an online platform that contains the history of climate data (temperatures) and creates future predictions based on different scenarios that analyze possible levels of CO2 emissions (low, medium, and high).

In the image, the Data Dashboard shows the increase in temperatures over different time periods in the same geographical area.

The goal of the Data Dashboard is to become a useful tool for schools to talk about climate change and facilitate the work of the teachers, providing them with scientific and up-to-date data.

The platform is now in the testing phase: if you are an educator and would also like to test it to provide us your feedback, go to https://teachingthefuture.eu/climate-dashboards/:

Every opinion will be valuable for us to develop the final version.

In addition, an online training will soon be developed, aimed at teachers and high school students. Follow all updates on the project’s Facebook page or read the updates on https://teachingthefuture.eu/!

TTF – Teaching the Future is financed by Erasmus+ programme, Cooperation Partnership in school education.


For further information contact Lisa Avarello at lisa.avarello@danilodolci.org, visit the website https://teachingthefuture.eu/ and follow us on Facebook.