WECAN: female entrepreneurship starting from those outside the labour market

Jun 24, 2020News

The methodological guide of WECAN – Women’s Entrepreneurship CoAches traiNing, the project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, for the promotion of female entrepreneurship, will soon be online on the project website and within the reach of all managers and founders of any entrepreneurial activity who want to make their knowledge available to other women with the same job objective.

The second Transnational Project Meeting of the WECAN project (Erasmus + – Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships | Adult Education) was held online and saw the Centre for Creative Development Danilo Dolci and the other five partners engaged in the last technical steps before the publication of the first important result: the WECAN Methodological Guide and the toolkit for the coaching activities with adult women on sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

The guide, aimed at expert coaches and/or experienced entrepreneurs women willing to become coaches in the entrepreneurial field, introduces the project methodology capable of accompanying aspiring entrepreneurs on a path of transformation into professionals aware of their own potential. Thanks to non-conventional methods and activities, the coaches will identify the knowledge that is still missing in their coachees. They will act as motivators towards the start of an activity and as guides for those who face difficulties in re-entering the world of work, strengthening their initiative and entrepreneurial mindset. Finally, a series of activities related to the theme of entrepreneurship will complete the guide, allowing future coaches to complement theory with practice.

That is not all: in the coming months, in each of the project’s member countries, young female entrepreneurs will begin together with future colleagues a path of coaching and experience sharing, to implement the WECAN methodology and strengthen potential entrepreneurial paths. The challenges of female entrepreneurship, the winning tools to launch an activity, the effective methods of communication and networking, are some of the knowledge that will be included in the curriculum of the training course of the project, and that can be tested thanks to the WECAN online course. Moreover, participants will be able to share their business ideas in the same platform, to receive points of view and advices from experts in other European countries.

In these times of global revolutions, WECAN is part of the European response to a society sadly little used to women doing business. Their high level of creativity and innovation is opposite to the low expectations of success and survival of women’s business. Our project aims to make the ideas of young women that are out of the market today, materialize in order to generate tomorrow new jobs and better economic and social integration.


Alessandro Bosco: alessandro.bosco@danilodolci.org.