COMMIT: A communication campaign to combact online hate

Sep 7, 2021News

The COMMIT project continues!

The COMMIT project has started on January 2020. In the first year of implementation, the consortium has carried out a two-fold research in order to set the ground for the development of the project’s communication campaigns:

A Content Analysis Report
A technology-supported online content analysis to identify the push and pull factors and root causes bringing to radicalization, using Artificial Intelligence technology from the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

A Target Audience Mapping Report
A field research aimed at finding information useful to the construction of effective communication campaigns on social media about fake news, hate speech and populism, extremism and radicalisation.


You can read these report here:

Go to COMMIT Resources


In the second phase of the project, partners developed training materials for university students and young people in the 13-25 age range, to talk about preventing extremism online and learn how to develop alternative and counter-narrative campaigns on social media.

Between April and June 2021, in collaboration with the University of Palermo – Department of Culture and Society, a course was held for students of the Master’s degree in Public, Business and Advertising Communication, together with members of third sector associations in Palermo. The course lasted 30 hours and saw the active participation of about 20 students and external actors.

In addition to theoretical sessions on topics such as fake-news, hate-speech and propaganda, extremism and violent radicalisation, counter-narratives and alternative narratives and online activism, the training was characterised by group work and practical sessions for the creation of social content: in fact, the main objective of the project is to launch an online communication campaign for the prevention of extremism and violent radicalisation online.
The same training took place in parallel in Austria, the Netherlands and Greece. The COMMIT communication campaign therefore has a European reach!

Our campaign has been created by young people for young people and is constantly in progress! You too can contribute to our campaign by sending us memes, videos, posts or any ideas or input that might be useful!

In the coming weeks, further workshops will be organised with young people aged 13-25.

Would you like to host these workshops in your association or school? Contact us!

The COMMIT campaign has already started on social media! Visit our Facebook pages COMMIT Italy and COMMIT Europe, and our Instagram pages commit.italy and commit_europe to discover content in Italian and English.

COMMIT – COMMunIcation campaign against exTremism and radicalisation is a European project funded by the European Commission under the Internal Security Fund – Civil Society Empowering Programme, coordinated by Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci, in cooperation with the University of Palermo and other 4 organisations in Europe.
COMMIT aims at to prevent and dissuade susceptible & vulnerable audience from extremism, radicalism & terrorism through the development of communication campaigns on social media.

For further information, contact Antonella Alessi: