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Work Together

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01/01/2022 – 01/04/2023

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Erasmus Plus - Azione Chiave 2: Partenariati Strategici-Adulti - Small-scale partnerships in adult education


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    Description of the project

    Work Together is a co-funded Erasmus + project that focuses on integrating seniors and their experiences into education activities with children on local and international level. The most important priority of the project is related to inclusion and diversity, which directly contributes to the social inclusion of seniors as it also facilitates the transfer of experience, knowledge and attitudes to children. This way the project helps both groups to gain positive effects and learn from each other.


    • to promote the use of intergenerational education in schools and pre-schools;
    • to promote social inclusion of seniors;
    • to share experiences and good practices between organisations involve in the project;
    • to activate an intercultural learning process for seniors.


    • three exchange for good practices activities in Romania, Italy and Latvia;
    • three senior volunteering motilities in Romania, Italy and Latvia;
    • twelve local intergenerational activities with children in each partner countries involving local seniors.


    Development of a Booklet

    • At the end of the project, partners will develop a booklet, where each partner will present two best practice activities that were developed during the exchange programme with educators from Romania, Italy and Latvia.