Learn how to teach your language, participate in the TANDEM programme!

Sep 20, 2021News

Are you a migrant and living in Italy? Are you looking for a professional experience? Would you like to use your language skills to find a job? Sign up for TANDEM!

What is TANDEM?

TANDEM offers you a practical opportunity to learn a methodology that you can use to teach your mother tongue and learn some valuable skills will be useful for any job!

TANDEM teaches the “Task-Based Language Teaching” approach, an approach to teaching a language based on practical and communicative activities related to real-life situations, such as a visit to the doctor, asking for directions or information, or a phone call. Through this method, you can teach your language to anyone interested!

You will be guided by an experienced language teacher and you will have the opportunity to create useful material for your classes, to evaluate yourself and of course also your students. You will also be able to improve your digital skills and increase the quality of your teaching.

The course will take place in person as well as online, with plentiful of possibilities to practice new skills with real students!

The course is open to all people of foreign origin but we especially encourage the participation of people who have difficulties getting their qualifications or work experience recognised in Italy and who want to acquire new professional skills in language teaching. At the end, a personalised and detailed certificate will be issued for the recognition of the acquired competences.

Useful information

  • When: From October to December 2021.
  • Duration: 60 hours, 48 hours in person in Palermo and 12 hours of self-study on an online platform.
  • Cost: Completely free, but places are limited.


Are you interested? Let us know by filling in this form before October 10th: https://forms.gle/AakeC2xxRzGdcyCx6.

For more information you can also send an email to: vidjaya.thelen@danilodolci.org or have a look at the project’s website: www.teachyourlanguage.eu.


TANDEM – TAsk-based laNguage teaching anD collaborative lEarning for upskilling Migrants is cofinanced by Erasmus+ programme | KA2 Innovation.