Unconscious biases, what would you say about yourself?

Jul 2, 2024News

Fighting invisible racism is easier if you can recognize your unconscious biases. The journey of LIGHT goes from here; the next stage will lead to the creation of a tool for knowing one’s own prejudices.

One of the key elements of the LIGHT project is the development of a self-revealing test designed to help individuals recognize and understand their unconscious biases. This innovative tool is being implemented through participatory processes that directly involve youth, youthworkers and psychologists. Project partners are working closely with experts in psychology, sociology and education to ensure that the test is scientifically valid and effective. The self-revealing test will be an interactive and accessible tool that will allow anyone to explore their attitudes and behaviors critically and reflectively.

LIGHT places great emphasis on a participatory approach. Youth and youthworkers are not only recipients of activities, but key players in their design. Through workshops, focus groups, and co-creation meetings, participants actively contribute to the development of the educational tools and intervention strategies, exactly as the Toolkit was developed-soon to be available online-which contains activities developed on different methods of non-formal education, such as storytelling, roleplaying, theater of the oppressed, and others. This approach ensures that LIGHT’s tools are culturally sensitive and in line with the real needs of the community. Direct involvement of young people also helps to strengthen a sense of responsibility and commitment to social change.

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LIGHT Youth work sheds LIGHT to unconscious bias and invisible racism is a project funded by the program Erasmus+ – KA2 – Cooperation partnerships in youth.


For more information contact Salvatore Duminuco: salvatore.duminuco@danilodolci.org