ON THE WAY TO EXCELLENCE: Designing a support program for newly hired teachers

Feb 27, 2023News

Starting a career in teaching is not easy and can also be extremely tiring. Throughout Europe, many newly hired teachers find themselves managing classes independently without having the necessary skills to do so, consequently having to face multiple difficulties in building a fruitful and functional dialogue with the students.

When these teachers are asked what their main weaknesses are, they answer: problems in maintaining discipline in the classroom; difficulties in the relationship with the students, which can turn into high distrust or overindulgence; lack of patience and mismanagement of self-control; use of stereotypes in the evaluation of the students. Feelings of inadequacy and lack of support can lead these teachers to premature quit the profession.

On 25 and 26 January, the On the Way to Excellence partnership met in Palermo to take stock of the situation regarding the creation of a 48-hour training program addressed to newly hired teachers. The aim of the training will be to provide participants with the necessary tools to deal with every day and extraordinary professional situations.

The training will focus on 5 different thematic areas:

  1. Acquiring interpersonal skills in the relationship with the students.
  2. Supporting students in managing crisis situations.
  3. Building a dialogue with the students with special educational needs.
  4. Elaborating didactic material to support teachers in managing a critical situation.
  5. Teaching mentoring in the workplace.

The confrontation among partners made it possible to refine and review the contents and to discuss the activities that will be carried out during the training. It will be held from May onwards in Athens, Palermo and Warsaw. It will be possible for 45 teachers from the aforementioned cities to participate in the training, and for the first time will have the opportunity to experience an innovative program in the educational field.

ON THE WAY TO EXCELLENCE – BEGINNER TEACHER SUPPORT PROGRAM is a project funded by the program Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation partnerships in Adult Education.


For further information contact Giulia D’Annibale giulia.dannibale@danilodolci.org